Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A Very Busy Week

Spirit Week

We dressed up as our
favourite teacher on Monday.

Tuesday was dress as a blast from the past.

Wednesday was Head Topper Day!

We wore hats or had a crazy hair.

Thursday was pajama day.    And Friday was HALLOWEEN!

Bag up Manitoba

Today we finished bagging up bags of ten. Then we put the bags of ten in a pile to take a picture. We counted all of our bags. We had 19 bundles of 10. We had 5 loose bags. How many bags does that make in all? If you need a clue look closely at our pictures.

Guest Artist 

We were very lucky to have an artist come to teach us how to paint a landscape. We learned about backgrounds, horizon line, and the foreground. We have some pictures you can see.


We raised $257.90 in our classroom!  The school raised $4795.00!!!


Our afternoon started with our Halloween Parade and then we returned to our classrooms for other activities and our party.

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