Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Plastic Bag Round Up!

Ms. Couch shared some really important news with our school. Our school continues to be the top school in the division in reducing our waste. Because we recycle, reuse, and compost, our school has reduced what goes into the garbage by 50%in the last few years. Here are some ideas we have for ways that we could reduce waste even more:
Krystal thinks we should reuse our sandwich baggies.
Brooke thinks we could use plastic containers.
Tyler and Kyran, say that we should eat vegetables for a snack that we could put into containers!
Krystal suggested we eat fruit as a snack that we can put into containers!
Jack said his mom makes homemade granola bars that she puts into containers!
Christina suggested we use plastic containers for juice too!
Alexander thinks we should use bags made from recycled materials like the Halloween bags from MPI.

We have been rounding up all those plastic bags that collect in the cupboards and closets for the Bag Up Manitoba -- Plastic Bag Roundup Challenge, a program of Take Pride Winnipeg! Inc. The plastic bags that are collected are recycled into free frisbees, bird houses, and benches for our school. These are the bags we have collected so far!

We bundle them up into tens so that we can easily count them!

Keep those bags coming!

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  1. I didn't realize that plastic bags can be turned into benches. Amazing! Keep up the good work ��