Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Influences On Canadian Culture

We are learning about how different cultures have helped to shape our Canadian culture. One of the major influences would be the First Nations People who helped the very first settlers to survive. We invited Richelle North Star Scott to share some of her culture with us. She taught us the Buffalo People Calling Song. The students learned it much easier that Mrs. Hauta!

From Mrs. Havixbeck we learned about the voyageurs who travelled into the interior of the Canadian wilderness to trap for furs. She taught us about the need to portage. She taught us how to leg wrestle! It was a lot of fun!

First you have to line up shoulder to hip!

Then on the count of 3 you raise your inside leg up.
You do this three times in a row. 


 Then the last time you raise your leg you hook it around your opponent and try to pull them forward.
The goal? You want to make them flip right over!


Everyone wanted to have a try, of course!

We are reading Dear Canada's Footsteps in the Snow, The Red River Diary of Isobel Scott. It is a fictional story based on actual facts about a family who emigrated to Canada from Scotland. The story tells of how new immigrants braved the new land and learned to survive with a lot of help from some of the locals.

The best thing about reading a dairy account is that it can easily fit into any time frame. 

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