Friday, January 15, 2016

Around the World in Eighty Steps!

We are learning about the Seven Continents and Five Oceans.  We watched a video on the
"Continents and Oceans"  then added some interesting details on our own maps of the world. So far we have looked at the continent of Africa.

We have listened to some fables too! Anansi is quite a trickster! This is one of the videos we saw about  "African and African American Folktales".

We had fun looking at the continents on the floor mat! We made a circle around the map, we took tiny steps around until Mrs. Hauta said stop, then we sat down. We did this many times so that everyone had a good look at the world spread out on the carpet! We must have made at least 80 steps!

Krystal has family in Vietnam!

Alex and his family came from Nigeria!

"Hello Denise!" the students shouted when they found the Philippines, because she is there visiting family right now!

Everyone found the United States, home of our pen pals in Illinois. 

 Students even found the countries of Thailand and Burma where Mrs. Hauta lived and worked for several years!

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