Friday, November 20, 2015

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a very important day to honour those who have died to ensure our freedom. We read some stories about what Remembrance Day means. We made an art project that had a poppy on it.
  Our Art Project
We painted coffee filters with red, orange and a hint of purple paint. Then while they were drying, we painted our backgrounds grey. We cut out flower petals from the filters to make poppies. We added a stem and at least one leaf out of construction paper. We are very proud of our art!

Our Remembrance Day Ceremony

We went to the gym and sang Oh Canada and our choirs sang some songs. We watched others who sang and listened to poems. We had a wreath ceremony where two students from each room put poppies on a wreath.  We had a moment of silence while the trumpet was played. This is the only assembly we have where we don't clap our hands after songs or poems.

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