Friday, October 30, 2015

A Very Busy Week!!!

We had a guest from the Nature Conservancy of Canada visit us in our classroom. She brought some interesting artifacts with her. She brought the animal hides of a black bear, a beaver and a wolf. We were able to see the differences between the skulls of a deer, a wood pecker, and a wolf. She came to teach us how plants and animals need each other. She knew a lot!

A big highlight of our week is that we received letters from our pen pals in Illinois! Some of us cannot read handwriting so we asked our reading buddies in Mrs. Beasley's class to read them with us. Now we need to write back!

Another exciting happening was that our Kidney bean plants are starting to sprout. We can see the roots growing on the side of the cups! It is very cool! When we planted them a few of them had already started to sprout.

Today is our Halloween Parade Day. We get to wear our costumes all day! We all go down the gym to have a parade and talk about safety. Then we get to have a giant dance party! After recess we do activities in our classes until home time! We LOVE HALLOWEEN!

We hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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