Friday, June 05, 2015

We Are Working With Clay!

We have been working with a visiting artist, Ms. Jen McCurry. She has been teaching us how to work with clay. The students were surprised to learn that clay is mud. It is smooth, soft and mushy, but it dries out quickly! We had to learn to work quickly as well!

Our practise pieces top left were falling apart because we didn't attach them properly. We had to learn how to score properly. To add a piece of clay to another piece you have to scratch both surfaces and put a dab of water on them to make them stick together.

Clay pieces that dry are called greenware. They will feel grainy when dry. Ms. McCurry will take our greenware and fire them in a kiln. A kiln gets as hot as a volcano! Once the piece has been fired it is called bisque ware. It feels a little smoother and harder. Our next step was glazing, which is the same as painting. Glaze is made of glass and sand. It will make our pieces soft and smooth after they have been fired. 

Students were asked the think of some of the symbols that Canada is known for like the etchings on our coins. They were challenged to chose two symbols that would share the same habitat and create a sculpture representing them. Just look at their wonderful pieces!

Be on the lookout! These pieces will be on their way home and they are fragile. (Broken pieces can be glued back on.)

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