Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back to School

We were very happy to get back to school to see all our friends and meet new ones.

We used math tools to show about the patterns we knew!

We learned about new patterns too!

What is a pattern?

"Something that repeats over and over at least three times." said Jessica.

"Yes the core repeats three times."said Matthew.

"There are different kinds of patterns", said Jack.

Oliver said, "It can repeat colours, shapes, or numbers."

Kieran says, "It can grow in numbers or it can shrink in numbers."

"It can be named ABC as a short cut if your pattern was purple, green, red."said Kyran.

We know a lot about patterns!


  1. Wow, those math tools look like a lot of fun! I'm curious how you know if something is a pattern? - Mrs. Lowe

  2. A repeating pattern has three repeats! We also know that a pattern can increase or decrease. It is a pattern if we can predict what comes next. Thank you for your visit!